Happy owner of handmade paper art
"When the Sea Strikes Against the Grassy Shore"
Artist Statement
"After successfully practicing graphic design for over 30 years on both coasts of the United States, I moved to the Central Highlands of Arizona in 1993. Having been intrigued with texture since my professional design days, I discoverd the magic of found fiber.  Damask linen, iris leaves, repurposed blue jeans, milkweed, insect wings, blossoms from my garden, and many curious things, serve as muses to my process.
Texture.  The only word.  I live in Arizona because of texture.  Rocks, cliffs, sticks, cactus.  Arizona is a state of texture. You can find all of these things here: light, texture, pattern, color, chemistry, electricity and the temperature and moisture content in the air make Arizona the perfect environment for sculpting fiber.  Fiber is dynamic because you can paint with it. Sculpt it. And you have to really work it.
Fiber has the dual qualities of strength and fragility. It's also possesses a transcendent transluscence. There is a process of destruction and resurrection that has become a constant fascination and illumination. It's environmentally friendly and sustainable.  And each piece has a chemistry. I'm part of it. There's a lot of electrical stuff going on. Every single fiber behaves differently. Different chemical bonds. Some base mixtures can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to condition. So it takes a lot of planning and when I show up, an object of beauty is born. I've learned to not be afraid of what happens when I enter this timeless dimension of creating. Each piece has a life of it's own and the whole process is encouraging.  I feel at one with everything in that moment. Something occurs and I learned that I can't make a mistake." -Annie Alexander, 2021.
Annie Alexander's transdimensional sculpture is now on exhibit for viewing and purchase at Gallery Beyond Words Prescott. 
Commissions are welcome.