Forest of Tableaux

Annie Alexander has spent decades observing and working with found elements, organic materials, texture, light, chemistry and the potential beauty these combined forces can bring into being.  A medium she calls "transdimensional sculpture."

"The effect of beauty is that it changes the dimension we are in. When I notice something is beautiful, I transcend into joy and delight.  And so I do this work because I have to. My job is to bring beauty into this lifetime."

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The Beauty of Presence  86" x 44"  Pigmented and painted Damask linen, pulp painted.

Annie's iterations of matter, space and light, now at Gallery Beyond Words Prescott,  serve to pull the viewer across dimensions to the most valuable, priceless place; the present moment. 

The potential expressed in Annie's work reflect a vision of what is possible, what is sustainable, what is important, through the energy of creativity and the limitless solutions we can all discover through greater awareness of and our connection to the natural world.